Diversion on Route 304 – Departures from UL Campus

We wish to advise customers that due to the closure of Plassey Rd between Plassey Park Rd and the Kilmurray Rd Roundabout the following diversion will be in place on Route 304 from Monday 30 October 2023 until further notice.

Diversion – Services departing from the UL Campus will now turn right onto Plassey Park Rd and proceed to the junction with Milford Rd, where it will turn left and proceed to the junction with the Dublin Rd, where it will turn right and rejoin its normal routing.

During this diversion it will not be possible to serve the following stops:

  • 607661 Kilmurry Lodge, 
  • 607671 Dublin Rd (Hurlers), 
  • 607681 Elsinore Estate.

The nearest alternative stops are located as follows:

  • 607691 Dublin Rd/Golf Links Rd Junction.
  • A new temporary stop at Milford Rd

Friday, 27th October, 2023