Road Closure affecting Cork Route 223 - edited

Cork County Council have advised that to facilitate works, section of L2474 (Laurel Hill) will be closed to traffic from 07:00 on Monday, 13 January 2020 to 07:00 on Friday, 17 January 2020.

Route 223 serving Rochestown College and Carrigmahon, will operate as follows

Outbound via Rochestown Road services will turn right at Rochestown Inn, continuing to Rochestown College where it will turn and return to the junction at Rochestown Inn and then turn right to Carrigmahon. It will then continue on to Carrigmahon Hill, turning at Leeview Place.

Return inbound to junction with Rochestown Inn, services will turn left to serve Rochestown College as normal.

Monday, 6th January, 2020