COVID-19 Update

We wish to advise our customers that we are engaging with, and continue to be guided by, the relevant health and other government agencies to inform decisions while the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) issue continues.

The health and safety of both our staff and customers is paramount and we are following all public health instructions that are issued by the HSE. We would ask that everyone follows the guidelines set out by Government and HSE.

In line with Government guidance, wearing a face covering is now compulsory on public transport.  The rules will apply to all passengers in public areas, however, exemptions will apply for those who are not able to wear a face covering for medical reasons and children under 13.
Face coverings are also recommended for those aged 9-12 years.

You do not have to wear a face covering if you have a reasonable excuse. If you have a reasonable excuse to not wear a face covering, you should tell a member of staff.

Who should not wear one 

You do not have to wear a face covering if you have an illness or impairment that would make wearing a face covering difficult.

Face coverings are not recommended for anyone who:

  • has trouble breathing
  • is unconscious or incapacitated
  • is unable to remove it without help
  • has special needs and who may feel upset or very uncomfortable wearing them
  • needs to communicate with someone who has learning difficulties, is hard of hearing or deaf

Further information is available on  and