Refunds Relating to COVID19 School Closures

Families who paid a fee for school transport in 2019/20 will receive a refund for the unused portion following the public health measure of closing schools to prevent the spread of Covid19.  Bus Éireann operates the School Transport Scheme on behalf of the Department of Education & Skills, and is managing the refund process.

How much will I be refunded?

The amount of refund due is based on the number of standard school days missed, and the original fee paid.  In the case of primary students, schools were closed for 31% of the year, and the annual fee is €100.  For post-primary students, with a shorter school year, schools were closed for 26% of the year, and the annual fee is €350.  The table below will help determine the refund amount you can expect.  Please remember that school transport fees are capped per family, and so too are the refunds.

Families availing of the medical card waiver scheme, who hadn’t yet paid the Part 2 element of the ticket in December 2020, or who had cancelled the ticket before 12 March 2020 are not due a refund as no fee contribution had been made for the period of school closure.

Using school transport, I have: Refund due
1 primary school child €31.15
2 primary school children €62.30
3+ primary school children €68.52
1 special education needs concessionary child (whether primary or post-primary) €31.15
1 post primary school child €92.22
2 post primary school children €171.26
3+ post primary school children €171.26
1 primary, 1 post primary €123.36
1 primary, 2 post primary €202.46
2 primary, 1post primary €171.31
1 primary, 3+ post primary €202.46
2+primary, 2+ post primary €202.46
3+ primary, 1 post primary €177.54
3+ primary, 2+ post primary €202.46

A small number of people who paid fees in February will receive a refund pro rata towards the value of their contribution.

How will I receive the refund?

You will receive an email from Bus Éireann if you are eligible for a refund.

The refund will be automatically made to the bank card you used to make the payment, or by cheque if you did not use a card.  You do not need to do anything.

My bank card has changed

In cases where your card has changed, expired, damaged or lost, Bus Éireann will first attempt a refund, if this does not process correctly, Bus Éireann will contact you to resolve the matter.

I have changed address

If you have changed address since you paid the school transport fee, then we ask that you do please contact Bus Éireann at your local school transport office, there are 11 around the country and contact details here.  Please provide your Family ID and proof of your new address.

I don’t see the refund in my account

If you have not received the refund by Friday, 17 July, please contact Bus Éireann or your local school transport office, there are 11 around the country.

More information

For more information you can email our main School Transport office.

You may also contact your Local School Transport office or the Bus Éireann customer care team