Women Bus Drivers

Bus Éireann is looking to put more Women in the Driving Seat

female driver in Bus ÉireannRhonda has been driving for Bus Éireann almost 12 years: 
When I was a young girl I saw a female Bus Éireann driver and thought one day I would like to do that. I then took the plunge and got my bus licence and with no driving experience I arrived into Bus Éireann for an open day 11 years ago and was hired. It was by far one of my best decisions.  I love my job as you get to travel the country and meet loads of new and interesting characters."

Marguerite has been driving for Bus Éireann for nearly four years:
"My father was a bus driver and I had always wanted to follow in his footsteps. I finally got the courage and determination to prove that women can do just as good as a job.  I love driving the larger coaches and meeting and interacting with passengers.  Some of my regular commuters I would class as friends"

Heather started driving for Bus Éireann last year:
"I was attracted to Bus Éireann because of all the different fleet types you get to drive.  I love having the opportunity to drive outside of the city on a daily basis. Since driving for Bus Éireann I get to see a sunrise and have meet so many new people both passengers and work colleagues. The interaction and the banter you have with the customers is my favourite part of the job."

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