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Making Payments

  • If it is not possible to make payment online, cheques/money orders should be made payable to Bus Éireann and posted to your local Bus Éireann School Transport Office. You must quote your Family ID Number when making payments by cheque/money order, otherwise payment cannot be processed. Your Family ID Number is shown on pupil’s current ticket

Ticket Charges

Choose from two payment options:

Option 1:
Pay the full amount due (100%) on or before 26 July 2019. An Annual Ticket for the full school year will be issued.

Option 2:
Pay half (50%) of the amount due by 26 July 2019. A ticket that is valid for travel up to 20 December 2019 will be issued. Pay the remaining balance (50%) by 29 November 2019. The payment request is sent in October. A ticket that is valid until the end of the school year will be issued.

  Option 1 Option 2
Category 100%
or 50% 50% 
Due 26 July 2019   26 July 2019 29 November 2019
Primary €100.00   or €50.00 €50.00
Maximum Payment for Primary
€220.00   or €110.00 €110.00
Post Primary €350.00   or €175.00 €175.00
Maximum Family 
€650.00   or €325.00 €325.00

Eligible pupils holding valid medical cards (GMS Scheme) should submit medical card details at The School Transport Site before the last Friday in July in order to avail of the exemption from school transport charges.

Guidelines for Applying to a New School Guidelines for Amending the School Year

The School Transport Scheme supports transport to and from school for children who reside remote from their nearest school. The scheme is operated by Bus Éireann on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills.  The closing date for applications for school transport for the new school year 2019/20 was Friday, 26 April 2019.

Bus Éireann is committed to handling your personal data with the highest standards of information security. Click here for details.  Details of all existing pupils who currently hold tickets are already recorded and the email address provided in the registration process previously is used to communicate with families in July when it is time to pay the school transport charges for the new school year.