M3 Corridor Service Improvements: Navan

As part of an overall enhancement of services along the M3 Corridor Bus Éireann in conjunction with the National Transport Authority are pleased to announce the introduction of an enhanced bus service for our customers in Navan and its environs. The amended services will be introduced on Sunday, 17 September 2017.

This service improvement will see the current Route 109: Cavan – Virginia – Kells – Navan – Dunshaughlin – Dublin split into 3 separate routes, which will individually focus on certain sections of the corridor to provide an enhanced service including higher frequency, longer operating hours and quicker journey times to our customers. These changes complement the improvements introduced on Route 109a: Kells – Navan – Dunshaughlin – Ratoath – Ashbourne – Dublin Airport – DCU – City Centre during late 2016 and will deliver a 24/7 bus service from Navan to/from the city centre.

How does these changes affect Navan?

From the 17 September 2017 the main service linking Navan to Dublin City Centre will be Route NX. Combined with the unchanged Route 109a and a revised Route 109 this will provide public transport services 24/7 along the corridor.

Route NX: Navan – M3 Motorway – City Centre – Wilton Terrace.

This service will provide a fast, frequent and regular service from Navan to both the city centre and south city business zone. It will operate an extended routing in Navan to better serve residential areas before accessing the M3 Motorway to continue its journey to the city centre stopping at Blanchardstown before entering the city via the Finglas QBC, & O’Connell St before terminating at Wilton Terrace close to Leeson St.

The service will operate to/from the City Centre up to 98 times daily and combined with Route 109a provide Navan with a 24/7 bus service at the frequency outlined below.

NX Service Frequency

From Navan From Dublin
05:40 to 20:00 every 20 mins Weekdays 05:40 to 19:40 every 20 mins
20:00 to 00:30 every 30 mins 19:40 to 23:10 every 30 mins
01:05 to 05:05 Hourly (109A) 00:25 to 05:25 Hourly (109A)
06:00 to 08:00 every 30 mins Saturday 06:00 to 08:00 every 30 mins
08:00 to 20:00 every 20 mins 08:00 to 19:40 every 20 mins
20:00 to 00:30 every 30 mins 19:40 to 23:10 every 30 mins
01:05 to 05:05 Hourly (109A) 00:25 to 05:25 Hourly (109A)
06:00 to 10:00 every 60 mins Saturday 06:00 to 10:00 every 60 mins
10:00 to 00:30 every 30 mins 10:00 to 23:30 every 30 mins
01:05 to 05:05 Hourly (109A) 00:25 to 05:25 Hourly (109A)

Route 109: Kells – Navan – Dunshaughlin – City Centre

This revised service will continue to provide an hourly service to the City Centre via the R147 and combined with Route 109a will provide a service every 30mins linking Dunshaughlin, Navan, Kells and all stops in between.

Route 109a: Kells – Navan – Dunshaughlin – Ratoath – Ashbourne – Dublin Airport

This route will continue to operate its current timetable and provide an hourly service 24/7.

Connections to Cavan

A limited number of Route 109x services will operate via Navan to maintain direct connectivity to Cavan Town, at other times customers can travel on Route 109 & 109a services to Kells and interchange onto the hourly 109x service. For students attending Cavan College a service will depart from Navan to Cavan every weekday morning during college terms at 7.19am

Routes 107, 190 & Navan Town Service - These routes will continue to operate as at present

Detailed timetables are available at www.buseireann.ie/M3

Services to the Mater Hospital

As part of this service change Route 109 & XN will provide enhanced linkages to the Mater Hospital. However the location of stops for certain services will change:

  • Route 109 – This service will continue to serve the stops at Berkley Rd & North Circular Rd.
  • Route NX – This closest inbound stop to the Mater Hospital will be Phibsboro & outbound at Lower Dorset St. Both stops are a short walk to the hospital

Services to Third Level Colleges in Dublin City

Routes NX, 109 & 109a will provide close connectivity to numerous third level colleges including the following:

  • Dublin City University – Route 109a operates directly to the university from Kells, Navan & Dunshaughlin. Customers from Cavan & Virginia can interchange onto this route in Kells.
  • Blanchardstown Institute of Technology – Route NX & 109 all serve the Blanchardstown Slip Rd stop which is a short walk from the college.
  • Trinity College – Route NX stops at Westland Row adjacent to the University
  • University College Dublin – Certain Route 109 & 109x peak hour services operate direct to the campus
  • Dublin Institute of Technology – Route NX stops at Broadstone a short walk to both the Bolton St & Grangegorman Campuses, while Route NX & 109 routes stop at O’Connell St close to the Cathal Brugha Street Campus
  • All our city centre stops are located close to Dublin Bus & Luas stops to facilitate interchange on these services to travel to other 3rd level institutions

Further Service Improvements

In conjunction with the National Transport Authority we intend to introduce an expanded Navan Town Service Network in late 2017. This will include two Routes N1 & N2, and will provide greater connectivity within the town with enhanced frequency including operating seven days per week.


As part of our rollout of the enhanced bus service in Navan we will introduce a number of fare offers including a €10 single and €15 return ticket from Navan to the City Centre. Leapcard is available on all services and offers best value to our customers, a Blue Zone 7 Day Ticket offers unlimited travel for 7 consecutive for only €61.50 including the late night Route 109a service. All Leapcard tickets can be bought in any Payzone Leap Agent.

Taxsaver Monthly & Annual Tickets provide the best value for regular customers and details are available at www.taxsaver.ie

If you have any feedback in relation to the revised service offering please forward your comments to customercare@buseireann.ie

Bus Éireann would like to thank our customers for their continued support of the public transport network in Navan and we look forward to welcoming you on board our improved services in the near future.

The service enhancements on Route’s 109, 109X & NX will be introduced on Sunday 17th September 2017 and have been approved by the National Transport Authority.

Monday, 4 September, 2017