Galway City Services

Bus Éireann operates a city coach service in Galway that connects the community with hospitals, schools, universities, shopping and tourist attractions.

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Timetable No.Route
401 Salthill-Eyre Square-Parkmore
402 Seacrest – Eyre Square – Merlin Park 
404 Newcastle - Eyre Square - Oranmore 
405 Rahoon - Eyre Square - Ballybane
407 Eyre Square - Bóthar an Chóiste and return
409 Eyre Square - GMIT - Parkmore 

Galway City Fares

Galway City Red Zone Single Fares
(30% Discount)
Adult Single (Standard) €2.40 €1.68
Adult Single (Outer Zone) €2.80 €1.96
Student Single (Standard) n/a €1.68
Student Single (Outer Zone) n/a €1.96
Child Single (Standard) €1.40 €0.98
Child Single (Outer Zone) €1.70 €1.19
Schoolchild Single (All Zones)* €1.10 €0.77

* available during school term hours only

If you are a more frequent traveller you may also purchase the following zonal tickets.

Galway City Red Zone
24 Hour €4.80 €4 €2.70
7 Day €21 €16.80 €9.80
Monthly* €74.50 €52 €36

*Monthly refers to calendar month eg. January.

The following is a list of the boundary stops of the Galway Red Zone

Galway Red Zone - Last Stop in Zone
Stop Location Stop Name
Upper Salthill Rd Diving Board
Shangort Rd Church
Parkmore Rd Roundabout
Thomas Hynes Rd Tudor Lawns
Ballybane Industrial Estate Entrance
Gort na Bro B&Q Retail Park
Bothar an Choiste Maigh Riocard
Oranmore Opp Oranmore Town Centre
Barna Garys Cycles

Monthly and Annual Taxsaver tickets are also available. See for details.