School Transport Safety Programme

School Transport Safety Programme


At Bus Éireann, it is our priority to ensure children are safe when travelling on our services, therefore all Bus Éireann school buses are fitted with seat belts.

To reinforce the importance of wearing a seat belt while travelling on school buses, we have launched a safety campaign to raise awareness among children, parents, and teachers.

We would like to introduce you to ‘Buster & The Beltups’. Bus Éireann’s mascot, ‘Buster’, is joined by a quirky bunch of characters called ‘The Beltups’. This group are on a mission to encourage children to wear seat belts while travelling on the school bus.

Check out our video (above) to see them in action!

To Watch our video 'as Gaeilge', then click here.


LeftSafety Tips Sheet

These safety tips will help you reinforce this very important safety message. They’re also colourfully illustrated to really capture children’s imagination.

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Belt Up Safely Poster

These engaging posters will create awareness of this very important safety message. Please place in your school entrance hall and also in your classrooms.

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Create your own Beltup!

These activity sheets reinforce through play this important safety message and will really capture a child’s imagination.

We have an exciting competition too - your school class could win a free trip to Tayto Park with our fun activity sheets.

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Seat Belt Safety Certificate

Reward good behaviour! These certificates can be given to your children at the end of the week if they wear their seat belts every day.

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