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Please try to have the exact fare ready for the driver when boarding the bus; it will help us to speed up the journey for you and for other customers.

If you have a pre-paid ticket or pass, please have it ready for the driver to inspect it on boarding and to validate it as necessary. Please also retain your ticket throughout the journey and produce it for inspection when requested.

When you buy National Tickets online please print the confirmation email and present to the bus driver or ticket office employee when you travel. You will then be issued with the appropriate travel ticket in exchange.

Please ensure that your luggage is clearly labelled, showing your name and either a contact address or telephone number. Do not leave luggage unattended in bus stations or depots; apart from the risk of loss or theft unattended luggage may be deemed a security risk and disposed of accordingly.

Do not include items of high value in luggage, which is loaded in the coach luggage compartment. Items such as money, credit cards, travel/identity documents, photographic/computer equipment and study materials should be kept in hand luggage which you should keep with you at all times. Please note the Conditions of Carriage of Passengers' Luggage and especially that all luggage is carried at owner's risk and under limited liability.

From time to time services may be subject to delays for reasons outside the control of Bus Éireann. These would include bad weather or road conditions, road works, traffic congestion in cities and towns, special events, street demonstrations, security alerts or checks, etc. While we will make every effort to alleviate inconvenience resulting from such situations, we cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of such delays outside our control.

In the event of unforeseen delays to services for reasons outside our control, we can only guarantee to maintain or substitute connections to other Bus Éireann services, which are shown as through connecting services in the timetable. If your journey involves a change en route to a service, which is not shown as a through connecting service, we suggest that you plan your journey so as to allow sufficient time for possible delays. We suggest that you allow at least 1 hour for such connections at Dublin (Busáras) and at least 45 minutes at other locations.

If you are travelling to an airport or ferry terminal we suggest that you plan your journey so as to arrive at least 1 hour before the recommended check-in time shown on your air or ferry tickets.

If you are using a personal stereo while travelling by bus please adjust the volume so that it will not be a source of irritation or annoyance to other customers seated near you.

Please remember that smoking is prohibited on all buses and coaches and in all enclosed areas of bus stations.

If you find it necessary to use a mobile 'phone during the course of your journey, please do so in a discreet manner and with consideration for other customers.

Thank you for travelling with us. If you enjoy your journey, please tell others; if you encounter any problems, please tell us.