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Bus Eireann is committed to handling your personal data with the highest standards of information security. Click here for details.

Applications for Primary & Post Primary Pupils 

  • Applications for school transport for school year 2015/16 are late.  The closing date for applications for school year 2015/16 was Friday, 24 April 2015.  You can still make a late application for any new pupil who is not yet registered but please note that late applicants are not guaranteed a seat on a school transport service.
  • Please note that only NEW PUPILS need apply, for example pupils starting Primary school or pupils moving to Post Primary school in Autumn 2015.

Please note that payments for next school year 2015/16 cannot be made until July 2015, this applies to both existing pupils and new applicants.

Details of all existing pupils who currently hold tickets are already recorded and the email address provided in the registration process previously will be used to communicate with families in July when it is time to pay the school transport charges for 2015/16.

Log in to the School Transport  Management System

To Register you must create a secure account by:

  • Providing us with an email address with which we will communicate with you
  • Choosing a password which will allow you secure access to your family’s account at any time
  • Identifying your home address on the online map to enable us to process your application more efficiently

During the registration process, an email will be sent to the email address that you provide. You must click on the link contained in this email to complete the process. This step is for your protection to ensure that no one is accidentally or deliberately using your email address without your permission.

Add the pupils’ details:

When you have completed the registration process you will be asked to add details for your child by entering the Child’s PPS Number and the Child’s Date of Birth.

You will note that there is a separate screen (tab) for each child’s details, which we hope helps to keep the details clear and unambiguous. If you need to add details for another child, please click ‘Add Student’ and repeat the process.

We hope that you find the service easy and efficient to use.

Payments for Primary & Post Primary Pupils 

How to Pay for School Transport for the current school year.
Please note that payments for next school year 2015/16 cannot be made until July 2015

Log in to the School Transport  Management System
  • To access your secure account you should:
    • Enter your email address (the same email address used to register previously)
    • Enter your password to access your family account (if you have forgotten your password click on ‘I have forgotten my Password’ and follow the instructions outlined)
    • Check your details and submit payment or medical card details
  • You can pay online and/or submit medical card details in respect of any pupil/s who have a General Medical Service Scheme card (‘Doctor Only’ medical cards are NOT acceptable in respect of exemption from charges). Please note that medical card details can be submitted online.
  • If it is not possible to make payment online, cheques/money orders should be made payable to Bus Éireann and posted to your local Bus Éireann School Transport Office. You must quote your Family ID Number when making payments by cheque/money order, otherwise payment cannot be processed. Your Family ID Number is shown on pupil’s current ticket.
  • Only pupils in possession of valid travel tickets will be carried. 

Special Educational Needs

Applications for transport for pupils with special educational needs arising from a diagnosed disability should be made through

The National Council for Special Education.

Annual Ticket Charges 2015/16

There are two payment options available for 2015/16 School Year:-

Option 1
The amount due may be paid in full (100%) on or before the closing date of 31 July 2015 in which case an Annual Ticket for the full school year will be issued – see table.

Option 2
Alternatively 50% of the amount due can be paid by the deadline date of 31 July 2015 and a ticket valid for travel up to 22 December 2015 will be issued. The balance (50%) due will be invoiced in November and must be paid by 4 December 2015 and a further ticket, valid for travel up to the end of the school year will be issued – see table.

  Option 1 Option 2
Pupil Category 100% Payment
due by 
31 July 2015
or 50% Payment
due by 
31 July 2015
50% Payment
due by 
4 December 2015
Primary Pupils €100.00   or €50.00 €50.00
Maximum Payment
For Primary Pupils
€220.00   or €110.00 €110.00
Post Primary Pupils €350.00   or €175.00 €175.00
Maximum Family
€650.00   or €325.00 €325.00

Eligible pupils holding valid medical cards (GMS Scheme) continue to be exempt from paying charges.

Please note that only 50% or 100% payment will be accepted in respect of pupils from the same family.  It is not possible to pay 50% for one pupil and 100% for another listed under the same Family ID Number.

For a safer journey pupils must wear their safety belts

Contact Your Local Office

If you have a query regarding School Transport online transaction, please email your local Bus Éireann School Transport Office quoting your Family ID Number which can be found on an existing pupil's school Bus ticket. 

Contact details for local Bus Éireann School Transport Offices

Region Local Office Contact No.
Westmeath, Longford,
Offaly, Roscommon,
Bus Éireann School Transport Office
Station Road 
090 6473277
Mayo Bus Éireann School Transport Office
Kevin Barry Street,
096 71816
Dublin, Kildare,
Meath, Wicklow
Bus Éireann School Transport Office
Regional School Transport Office,
Area Office, Broadstone
Dublin 7
01 8302222
Louth, Monaghan,
Bus Éireann School Transport Office
Bus Station Dundalk
Long Walk,
042 682 5999
Cork Bus Éireann School Transport Office
021 4557137
021 4557129
Clare, Limerick
Tipperary (North)
Bus Éireann School Transport Office
Roxboro Road,
061 217484
Galway Bus Éireann School Transport Office
Ceannt Station,
Eyre Square,
091 537530
Sligo, Leitrim Bus Éireann School Transport Office
Lord Edward Street,
071 9160440
Donegal Bus Éireann School Transport Office
074 9131008
Waterford, Carlow,
Tipperary (South),
Kilkenny, Wexford
Bus Éireann School Transport Office
Plunkett Station,
051 873401 

Kerry Bus Éireann School Transport Office
Casement Station,
066 7164750

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Forms/Guidelines you can Download

Please click here for the Guidelines for Discipline and Procedures for Dealing with Alleged Misbehaviour on School Transport

Cliceáil anseo chun Treoirlínte maidir le Smacht agus le Nósanna Imeachta is Féidir a chur i gcrích chun déileáil le drochiompar, a chuirtear i leith Daltaí, ar Iompar Scoile

School Transport application forms for 2015/16 are available to download.  Completed forms should be returned to Bus Eireann. Please apply online if possible as this is the most efficient and timely method of application

Cliceáil anseo chun Fhoirm iarratais Scéim Iompair Scoile 2015/16 a íoslódáil.

School Transport Travel Ticket Replacement Forms are available here.

Cliceáil anseo chun an fhoirm D’athsholáthar Ceadúnas Taistil a íoslódáil. 

Refund application forms are available to download here and may be sent to the local School Transport Office

Data Protection:

Bus Éireann adheres to the principles of the Data Protection Act, 1988 & 2003 when collecting, processing, storing and disclosing personal data.

Bus Eireann is the Data Controller with regard to personal data collected for school transport applications.  Applicants may access their personal data following an access request under S.4 of the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003.

The personal data collected from you will be used by Bus Eireann to provide and manage school transport services in accordance with the terms of the school transport schemes. Bus Eireann may share your data with Third Parties solely for the purpose of providing and managing the school transport services. Personal data will be retained by Bus Eireann for the period during which school transport services are provided and for a further period of up to 6 years. More information on the CIE Group Data Protection policy is available online.


Changes to Post Primary School Transport Scheme Introduced in 2011

Changes introduced from the 2011/12 school year onwards

A number of changes to the Post Primary School Transport Scheme came into effect from the beginning of school year 2011/12.  Included in these changes was an increase to ten in the minimum number of eligible pupils from a distinct locality, as determined by Bus Éireann, required to establish/retain a school transport service.  

Changes introduced from the 2012/13 school year onwards

From the commencement of the 2012/13 school year, the use of the Catchment Boundary Area (CB) System as a means of determining eligibility ceased for all pupils newly entering post primary school. 

  • From the 2012/13 school year, school transport eligibility for all pupils newly entering a post primary school is determined by reference to the distance they reside from their nearest Post-Primary Education Centre having regard to ethos and language. 
  • To be considered eligible for school transport, pupils must reside 4.8 kilometres or more from and be attending their nearest Post-Primary Education Centre, as determined by the Department and Bus Éireann, having regard to ethos and language. 
  • Pupils who are not eligible for school transport, under the above criteria, may apply for concessionary transport subject to a number of terms and conditions. These concessionary pupils will not be exempt from paying the annual charge nor will they count for the establishment or retention of a service.


Concessionary Transport

Children who are not eligible for school transport, under the terms of the schemes, may apply to Bus Éireann for transport on a concessionary basis subject to the following conditions:

  • there is a suitable service, as determined by Bus Éireann, operating into their school of attendance/education centre
  • there is spare capacity on the service
  • routes will not be extended or altered, additional vehicles will not be introduced, nor will larger vehicles or extra trips using existing vehicles be provided to cater for children travelling on a concessionary basis; no additional State cost will be incurred
  • the appropriate annual charge is paid; Medical Card waiver is not applicable

The availability of concessionary transport may vary from year to year, is not available on public scheduled services, and cannot be guaranteed for the duration of a child’s primary/post primary school education cycle. Where the number of applications for transport on a concessionary basis exceeds the number of seats available, Bus Éireann will determine the allocation of the tickets.


Terms & Conditions – Online Purchase of School Transport Travel Tickets

  1. All applications are processed and eligibility is determined in line with the rules of the Department of Education & Skills School Transport Schemes.
  2. All passenger tickets are issued subject to bye-laws, regulations and conditions contained in the publications and notices of or applicable to Bus Eireann.
  3. Purchase of a ticket is deemed to imply acceptance of these conditions.
  4. Payment of the charge does not guarantee a seat on a School Transport Service. Those not accommodated will have their payment refunded once seating has been fully allocated.
  5. No pupil will be allowed to travel without a current valid School Transport Travel Ticket.
  6. Any application for a refund where a ticket has been purchased received but is then not required, must be submitted online and the School Transport Travel Ticket must be returned to your local Bus Eireann School Transport Office (with the exception of those who cannot be catered for due to lack of accommodation).
  7. In the event that the School Transport Travel Ticket is mislaid, there is a charge for a replacement ticket. This charge can be paid online and a replacement ticket will be issued upon receipt.
  8. School Transport Travel Tickets are not transferable.
  9. School Transport Travel Tickets must be carried at all times when travelling and must be produced for inspection by the driver or any authorised official of Bus Eireann. School Transport Travel Tickets must be surrendered to an authorised company official upon request, and in any event at the end of the School Term.
  10. School Transport Travel Tickets are only valid for travel between the locations indicated on the ticket.
  11. School Transport Travel Tickets may only be used for travel to and from school on school days during the School Term.

The Terms & Conditions which apply to the purchase of tickets issued under the School Transport Scheme may be amended at any time at the discretion of Bus Eireann and/or the Department of Education & Skills.

May, 2015 

In the interests of safety please remind your children to wear Safety Belts at all times when travelling by car or school bus.

 School Bus Safety Video - Irish Version

School Bus Safety Video - English Version